Angular UI Tutorial: TinyMCE Directive

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This is a really useful plunker that allows you to integrate tinyMCE into your angular projects as a directive. You can apply the WYSIWYG to multiple textareas on a page or in angular UI tabs too. This isn’t my plunker but it’s still a super useful one. Enjoy!


Angular Autocomplete with Complex Object Arrays — NO JQUERY

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There are many times when you want to perform an autocomplete that works by searching all of the object properties and not just a single field or the key. If so you’ll enjoy this plunker.

Angular UI Autocomplete Directive using Typeahead — NO JQUERY

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It always bugs me that everyone resorts to using jQuery to write their angular autocomplete directives so I’ve toyed around with it until coming up with a pure angular solution. Enjoy this Plunker!

Angular-UI Tutorial: Unique Filter on Object Arrays

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This plunker will show you how to use the unique filter included in the Angular UI utilities to strip out duplicates in an object array. Enjoy!