Game Development

With over 10 years and 16 titles experience, we’ve become one of the leading companies in online text-based games. We offer a quality experience and efficient programming suitable to your budget and needs.

We’ll walk you through the creation of your game from start to finish. We’ll discuss your target audience, layout, and the pro/cons of your current game design. We’ll suggest modifications and enhancements that will give your members the best gameplay possible.

Once the planning phase is done we’ll send you a final quote and contract along with a timeline for your game’s completion. As your game is being programmed you’ll receive up to date emails and phone calls to monitor its progress.

Finally, your game is opened to the public. You’ll have a set period of time (varies with complexity of gameplay) to review everything and iron out any remaining bugs.

Currently we have four different game packages to choose from or you can contact us for a custom game quote. Packages reflect a game without any additional modification to a feature’s existing functionality. Prices may vary.

Game Feature Daisy Tulip Carnation Rose
Join, Login, Logout, Lost Password yes yes yes yes
Message Board yes yes yes yes
Breeding System yes yes yes yes
Care System yes yes yes yes
Custom Gameplay yes yes yes yes
Domain Registration no yes yes yes
Member Friends List no yes yes yes
Moderators no yes yes yes
GUI Text Editors no yes yes yes
Dynamically Generated Images no no yes yes
Realistic Genetics no no yes yes
Items no no yes yes
Stores no no yes yes
Staff no no yes yes
Journal/Diary no no yes yes
Photo Gallery no no no yes
Member Image Uploads no no no yes
Notes no no no yes
Reminders no no no yes
Fighting/Battle System no no no yes
AI Monsters no no no yes
Maps, Dungeons, Landmarks no no no yes
Mass Email Members no no no yes
Read, Write, Review Community no no no yes
Free Hosting no no 1 year 2 years
Polls no basic intermediate advanced
Members Online no basic intermediate advanced
Competition System basic basic intermediate advanced
Banking System basic basic intermediate advanced
Newspaper basic basic intermediate advanced
Messaging System basic basic intermediate advanced
Admin Panel basic basic intermediate advanced
Chat Room php php php or ajax ajax or flash
Layout html/css html/css html/css ajax (optional)
Pricing $850 $1,500 $5,000 $10,000

Custom Packages

Are you interested in adding/removing features you see on one of the packages above? Is there a feature you’d like that’s not on the list? That’s fine! For more information or a custom quote please contact us.


Are you looking for someone to help you develop an online game? Do you already have an online game and would like feedback on your layout, game play or usability? We’re happy to help. We’ll suggest navigational, appearance and usability changes, help you define a target audience, narrow your focus, and more. For more information or a quote please contact us.

Game Hosting

Finding a place to keep your game can be a hassle. With high bandwidth and storage necessary, keeping your game can be a costly battle. For only $10 a month you can host your game on one of our game servers. There are no bandwidth or space restrictions, however the resources on the server are shared amongst all games on the server. Clients are billed every six months. For more information please contact us.

4 thoughts on “Services

  1. сколько будет сделать игу по типу тюряги на флеш?со своим дополнением

  2. Do you speak english? The price of flash games depends on the complexity of the game you want programmed.
    Google Translate: Вы говорите по-английски? Цены на флэш-игры зависит от сложности игры вы хотите запрограммировать.

  3. I want to develop a working persistent browser based game, or you can say text based multiplayer online game like,, and Can you develop something like that for me? I don’t want a copy of them, i will be providing all the instructions to what i want, but it should be mostly similar. If you can develop it, please revert asap, so that i can tell you more details after that (of course with estimated costs and time for its development)
    Email me at

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