HTML5 Game Tutorial: Alien Invasion

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alieninvasion_screenshotThis is a little side project I did this week that I would like to share. It’s forked from another project I found on gitHub and liked it so much I decided to spend some time adding new features to brush up on my HTML5 skills. It uses the Canvas and Audio with JS to create multiple levels and bosses and power ups and different types of enemies and fire power. It’s still a work in progress but I’m not going to hand out the final version here but there’s plenty in the code base for you to take it and make it your own or continue to improve upon it. Click the Remix button to fork it and view the source on Thimble.

Here’s a video of the game if you’re too lazy to try it out yourself:

Sample Angular Website

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So I’ve seen a lot of people using AngularJS but I see very few examples of a website made using it. That’s why I decided to post an example website to give you an idea of what a full website looks like using AngularJS. It has samples of some of the things you’ll commonly find in a website made entirely with Angular:

  •  Navigation & Routing
  • Providers & Directives
  • Controllers & Config Blocks
  • Data Calculations
  • Filtering

Sorry if you’re looking for Angular 2.0, this was made with Angular 1.5.8. View, fork and/or edit the files on Plunker!