Pits Of Doom Update!

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Lessons 9 and 10 will be up shortly. I apologize for the delay but we’ve been super busy lately programming for several other game websites. About two weeks ago we were asked to install a modified version of the Pits of Doom map editor on another up and coming game website. We’re so proud of it we have pictures to share and hopefully it will inspire you to take Pits of Doom and customize it in your own special way. Below is a picture of the updated map editor you’ll be learning how to make. Please note the images for the map are from an outside artist.

In lesson 9 you’ll get a new map editor feature which allows you to upload tile sheets, dynamically break larger images into smaller ones, and assign them to different spots on the map. Once your map editor has been completed you’ll learn how to load the images so they appear as the character walks around the screen. For this particular project map movement, random events, trivia and items were programmed via AJAX so there is no need to refresh the screen every time you move. What we’ll be doing isn’t nearly as complex, so don’t fret!

I hope you enjoy the screen shots and are looking forward to the lessons 9 and 10 for Pits of Doom, a free multiplayer php/mysql game.