DOJO Grid FIX: row header or column data not showing up

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Okay so I officially am not fond of DOJO, haha. If you’re having trouble getting your results to show up I’ve found that’s is probably one of three different things:

  1. Syntax error in your javascript, also check your grid layout and make sure you have a comma after each cell’s formatting information except for the last one
  2. There is some other CSS that’s changing the position of the grid data… so you get rows in the table but the information is off to one extreme side of the screen. Usually I find I have this problem if I’m trying to align the parent div that’s around the child grid divs.
  3. DOJO tries to expand the grid to the size of the parent div. That means if your parent div doesn’t have a size set it’s possible it won’t show up. Also DOJO does better if the div has a fixed with in em/px rather than a percentage.

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