SmartFoxServer, Actionscript (AS3), PHP & MySQL MMO References

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I’ve been programming in AS3 and working with Flash a lot lately in an effort to get my first MMO up and running. I’ve found a lot of useful links I always forget to bookmark (or can’t find where I bookmarked them) so I’m posting them all here.

SmartFoxServer Related Links

Documentation Overview –

AS3 API Documentation –

Forums –

“Building an MMO” –

AS3 Related Links – General

Accessing variables from externally loaded swf –

MySQL Driver –

Loading Server Side Variables –

XML Sockets Documentation –

Flash .SWF Obfuscation –

AS3 Related Links – Embedding & Loading Assets From Outside .SWFs

General Principals –

Adobe Docs –

Asset Loader Class (see comments) –

Embed Images/XML –

Game World/Level Editor Related Links

PHP Level Editor –

PHP Socket Related Links

Zend Tutorial – Docs Reference – and

O’Reilly Tutorial –

Weberdev Tutorial –

Security & Protection Related Links

Swf Decompiler Protection –

In Game Advertising & Analytics

Mochi Media (pay per view & pay per click) –

SWF Stats –

Flash Games License –

Google In-Game Adsense –

Game Gum –

CPM Star –

Hall Pass –

Game Sponsors, Marketing & Publishing

ArmorGames –

CrazyMonkeyGames –

FlashRage –

Ezone –

New Grounds –

Big Wig Media –

Game Brew –

Cloud Development

OToy –

Miscellaneous Links

Horse Animations –

Set a transparent background on .swf files –


3 thoughts on “SmartFoxServer, Actionscript (AS3), PHP & MySQL MMO References

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