Awesome Firefox Addons For Programmers

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If you’re writing any kind of web-based program then these addons are for you as well. I use these pretty much every week, sometimes every day. Firefox is my browser of choice because it’s the most compliant so far and passes the ACID 2 and since it’s new update, nearly passes the ACID 3 test. Way to go Firefox!!

Web Developer – display information about the forms, view CSS info, highlight tables, clear sessions and so much more. By far my favorite.

Bottom Error Console – having the error console popup and then disapper any time you click on a page is flipping annoying. This saves you the time and trouble. Just click on it to show/hide the error console at the bottom of your screen.

Firebug Addon – edit, debug and monitor Javascript and CSS live.

Colorzilla – for all the times you wondered, what the hell color is that?!? Now you don’t have to take a screenshot and pull the color into a graphics program or lookup the color in the stylesheet (if you can). Now simply click on the eyedropper and the HEX code for the color shows up in your status bar.

SQL Injection – checks to see where you have vulnerable SQL injection fields/scripts in your forms.

SQL Inject Me – another SQL injection script that may find vulnerabilities the other one didn’t.

IE Net Render – Re-render your URL using IE standards right inside of Firefox. Now you don’t have to open another browser to see how messed up your CSS is in IE.

LoremTools – Copy Lorem text to your clipboard so you can paste filler text.

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