MySQL & MSSQL Tutorial: Combine Multiple Rows Into A Single, Comma Delineated List

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In MySQL with PHP:

$delimiter = ", ";
$count = 0;

$loop = mysql_query("SELECT S.suffix FROM people P
          INNER JOIN surnames S on P.suffix_id =")
          or die ('cannot select merged data');

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($loop))
    $merged_data .= $row['suffix'];

    if ($count+1 < mysql_num_rows($loop))
       $merged_data .= $delimiter;


echo $merged_data;


declare @merged_data varchar(2000), @delimiter char(1)  --declare your variable

set @delimiter = ', ' --whatever you want to separate the field values

--join two tables and select the fields you want to merge into a single field
 select @merged_data = isNull(@merged_data + @delimiter, '') + S.suffix
 from people P inner join surnames S on P.suffix_id =

 select @merged_data

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