PHP Tutorial: Print All MySQL Database Tables & Fields

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* File: displaytables.php
* Date: 1.13.2009
* Author:, LLC
* Purpose: display all table structure for a specific database

//connection variables
$host = "localhost";
$database = "your_db_name";
$user = "your_username";
$pass = "your_pass";

//connection to the database
mysql_connect($host, $user, $pass)
or die ('cannot connect to the database: ' . mysql_error());

//select the database
or die ('cannot select database: ' . mysql_error());

//loop to show all the tables and fields
$loop = mysql_query("SHOW tables FROM $database")
or die ('cannot select tables');

while($table = mysql_fetch_array($loop))

    echo "
        <table cellpadding=\"2\" cellspacing=\"2\" border=\"0\" width=\"75%\">
            <tr bgcolor=\"#666666\">
                <td colspan=\"5\" align=\"center\"><b><font color=\"#FFFFFF\">" . $table[0] . "</font></td>

    $i = 0; //row counter
    $row = mysql_query("SHOW columns FROM " . $table[0])
    or die ('cannot select table fields');

    while ($col = mysql_fetch_array($row))
        echo "<tr";

        if ($i % 2 == 0)
            echo " bgcolor=\"#CCCCCC\"";

        echo ">
            <td>" . $col[0] . "</td>
            <td>" . $col[1] . "</td>
            <td>" . $col[2] . "</td>
            <td>" . $col[3] . "</td>
            <td>" . $col[4] . "</td>

    } //end row loop

    echo "</table><br/><br/>";
} //end table loop

17 thoughts on “PHP Tutorial: Print All MySQL Database Tables & Fields

  1. Hi, Nice one. thanks. And with your permission i can get this details from my site. And give your reference link for this url.

    Are you giving permission to do this. I have no more english language.


  2. There is an additional column that can be shown. The updated listing is shown here.

    : show table structure :
    +………………………………………..+ */
    $database = “test_db”;
    $loop = mysqli_query($db, “SHOW tables FROM $database”) or die (‘cannot select tables’);

    while($table = mysqli_fetch_array( $loop)) {
    echo ”

    ” . $table[0] . ” table structure

    Type : Length

    $i = 0; //row counter
    $row = mysqli_query($db, “SHOW columns FROM ” . $table[0])
    or die (‘cannot select table fields’);

    while ($col = mysqli_fetch_array($row)) {
    echo ”
    ” . $col[0] . ”
    ” . $col[1] . ”
    ” . $col[2] . ”
    ” . $col[3] . ”
    ” . $col[4] . ”
    ” . $col[5] . ”

    } //end row loop

    echo “”;
    } //end table loop

  3. hi,
    I was just wandering,
    how many columns can we add?
    how does the loop knows from $col ?

    thx in adb=vance,

  4. You can add up to count($col) columns to the list. If you always want to print all of them you can change the code inside of the while ($col = mysql_fetch_array($row)) to the following:

    while ($col = mysql_fetch_array($row))
    echo "<tr>";

    //print the whole array returned in $col
    for ($j = 0; $j < count($col); $j++)
    echo "<td>{$col[$j]}</td>";

    echo "</tr>";

    } //end row loop

  5. That’s a great, cute script ! No need to go into cPanel / phpadmin anymore ! But now; Do you have any sample to print certain db-field contents just like an address book, such as this ?:

    Name Surname e-mail address
    Peter Baker 0123 45678 peter&

    The script that I “created” prints it all, but not formatted, with certain distance between the fields. I don’t find a way how to format the headline and then underneath the content of the db equally. Sorry, PHP knows me perhaps, but I don’t know much about PHP….

    Thanks for any advise,if you have

  6. Hola! I’ve been reading your web site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give
    you a shout out from Atascocita Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good work!

  7. Hi I am absolutely loving this script it is very close to a small personal project I have been work on,
    it is also the first script when I have copied it into one of my test pages it actually works instead of setting the HTTP error 500,
    it feels fitting I end up here as your site is a lot bout game design,
    I am trying to learn more in PHP I own my own domain and I provide a sub domain to a online gaming community its a group of volunteers that host live online back gammon and cribbage tournaments,
    so I am attempting to create a tool for them as to score keep on multiple mini tournaments at once,
    so I need to have a text type input box to add a player name (varchar) once submitted this needs to also set them a score of 0 (this section even I can setup) then I need to be able to output the list of names and relative scores into a nice table with something like a check box to the right corresponding to each row,
    when checked 1 point is added to that record
    finished off with a page refresh to update the scores in the table
    I know I don’t ask for much but I feel as I am banging my head against a solid wall trying all the ways I can find online

  8. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your comment. I have some great tutorials about setting up a database and then using a form to add records to the database in my Pits of Doom game tutorial. It also teaches you how to do incremental development on a game as you’re learning to program at the same time. Hopefully that will be a big help for you if you follow the tutorials and it’s open source so you can use any of the code in your own project. Best of luck to you!

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