Web Design FIX: Opera & Safari Links Always Red

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So this is probably the stupidest thing ever. If you’re importing files into your page and for some reason one of those files doesn’t exist, Opera/Safari generate a 404 page not found error. This page is in XHTML and has it’s own stylesheet. That will instantly override your CSS link colors on whatever stylesheet you’ve defined. So what you’ll need to do is trace it down to the file that doesn’t exist, create that file (or remove the import) and everything will work fine.

Crystal Reports FIX: Formatting Numbers & String in Formula So It Doesn’t Have a Decimal

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ToText(fieldname, 0, ”) + ” Your string of text here!”

PHP/MySQL Programmer Needed

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Are you passionate about games?!? Like animals? Do you live in Northern Virginia? Then perhaps you’re the person I’m looking for. My name is Jade and I started programming my first game when I was only 13. Today it has over 100k members and it’s still growing!! Only I can’t keep up with it anymore, and that’s where you come in.

Job Description
I’m looking for someone in the Northern Virginia area whose interested in game programming on a contract basis starting in January 2009.

I’m looking for a long term, dependable contractor. This position will *hopefully* become a part-time/full time position in the future. You must be willing to meet me somewhere in Northern Virginia for a face to face discussion, sorry but I’d like to meet you.


Passionate about games
Like animals
Knowledge of PHP/MySQL
Basic Javascript

Rights To Work

You’ll be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and rights of work. All programming will be come property of design1online.com to use and modify following completion of the payment agreed upon for that script.

About Design1online.com

I specialize in online games for girls between the ages of 8 and 16. I have several working online titles and a few more in development, all of them focused on a female target audience. In total I receive over 15 million hits a month and have 100+ players online at almost all times of the day.

Current Titles


In Development

PLEX (multiplayer online computer game)