PLEX Update

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Time Spent – 3 hours

Right now I’m having a problem with the game freezing after its been on for a little while. I’ve tried commenting out the music, the build blocks function, the draw function, and several other things. None of them seem to help. What happens is the game runs for a short period of time and then it stops responding.

My thoughts are that it’s a memory leak somewhere. I’m going to download some of my older versions of source code and see if any of them freeze as well. If they do then I’ll keep going back until I find a version that doesn’t freeze anymore. Then I’ll diff the two to figure out what changes there are between them to try and track down the problem.

Another issue I found was when I tried PLEX on another computer in our computer lab that the mouse icon wasn’t showing up on the screen at all. I think it’ll be worth my while to try PLEX on some of the other lab computers until I can get the mouse to show up like it should. For all I know that’s the problem it’s having right now with the freezing issues.


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