Cpanel FIX: Error from domain wrapper: is owned by another user.

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I got this error when I was trying to add subdomains to one of my cPanel accounts. This happens when cPanel doesn’t remove the subdomain correctly and then it thinks it’s still there so when you try to add it back on you get an error. Here’s how to fix it:

1. Remove from /var/cpanel/users/cpanel-username

3. Run /scripts/updateuserdomains as root user on the server because you changed the above file manually, this will create adjusted cache files

2. Remove /var/named/ if the file exists (it doesn’t always)

3. Remove the virtualhost for on /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf

4. Remove from /etc/named.conf

Now you can add the domain back on in cPanel with no problems.


7 thoughts on “Cpanel FIX: Error from domain wrapper: is owned by another user.

  1. I got problem with subdomain addition.
    lets say i registered,
    when i needed a subdomain then i created
    for some reasons i deleted my subdomain through cpanel and i created it over, also from cpanel.
    first time nothing was wrong, but when i repeated the steps : delete and create subdomain, i got the message : “Error from domain wrapper: is owned by another user.”
    although the subdomain was deleted and the folder was removed.
    can your steps above applied to my case?
    will i lose all contents of ?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Yes! That was the one of the problems I was getting. If you go to your apache conf files you should be able to manually input the sub domain record and then run the script. That should fix it.

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  4. I have done this before and it worked
    This time I followed these steps to the letter – mydomain does not appear in any of the files but I still have the problem.

    Any ideas?

  5. Simple way is…

    If you are having root access try checking any instances of the domain name

    grep /etc/userdomains

    If domain found in this file comment out and remove dns from whm.
    please take backup of each file before remove.

    After that uncomment this domain entry after adding dns zone. Also remove the domain entry with system user

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